Computer Racing Seat

Computer Racing Seat
Product Details
NameComputer Racing SeatStyleModern ChairN.W/G.W21/24KGS
MaterialSynthetic LeatherFunctionSwivelPackage Size83*33*65cm
Product Size68*72*125*133cmColorCustomizableArmrestPU Adjustable Armrest

Selecting a PC gaming chair

1)When typing and working at the computer, you need more upright support so that you can maintain neutral spine posture and let the chair support you. But for gaming, you may want to recline a little bit to relax your lower back, while still having good support in that position. So a locking backrest and/or some sort of tension control is important.

2)With an adjustable sliding seat, tall people can get more support behind their legs, and for shorter gamers, it can be set shallower so they can sit all the way back in the chair.

3)For those willing to stretch even farther out of their comfort zone, a relic from the 70s has returned with a vengeance: the Beanbag. Admittedly, it has no speakers, no RCA inputs, and no headrests or lumbar support, per se. But there is an increasing number of gamers who swear by them.

4)Gaming chairs for PC are available for varying budgets from entry level to high end.

Time-tested technology

The idea of using bean-shaped items as a seat filler has been around for centuries. In fact, traditional meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls and other small plant parts similar to beans. Today’s cheap bean bags are filled with artificial beans that last longer than plant-derived fillers, but they still work the same. This type of seating technology is still the top choice for long periods of seated meditation today.


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