Game Seat Racing

Game Seat Racing
Product Details
NameRacing Gaming SeatStyleModern ChairN.W/G.W19.5/22.5KGS
MaterialSynthetic LeatherFunctionSwivelPackage Size85X65X31CM
Product SizeCustomizableColorCustomizableArmrestPP Adjustable Armrest

1)Allows you to adjust and customize just about everything on the chair including the headrest, the tilt of the chair, the back position and the seating position

2)Leans back without any kind of squeaking noise or tension felt in the base of the chair

3)Has an extra high neck rise on the back of the chair if you want to lean back or if you’re a tall user

4)Has uniquely padded armrests that can be adjusted or put completely out of the way if they get in your way

5)A gas spring powered base adjuster allows you to adjust the height of the base and where it sits

6)Email me:

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race chairs office chairs.jpg

race chair office chairs.jpg

race chair office chair.jpg

Q:why choose our company?
A: 1.Own manufacture industry with all kinds of product souring services. Providing you excellent buying trip.
2.Cooperate with design center which provide you specially products can not copy.
3.Almost 5 years experience of working team in furniture business,providing you sufficient buying support.

Q:Why not ship the goods within one week?
A: We are not prepare stock for our goods. Only we will prepare the stock for common spare parts. 
Q:Why we ask you to provide detail information?
A: We want to act quickly after we receive inquiry, the detail information will be a great effect on the cost calculation when we received your inquiry.

Q:what kind of team in your company?
A:The furniture is Our main product range like office chair, mesh office chair,executive chair,leather chair and so on.

Q:when will be the best time to cooperate with us?
A:when you need good price,quality,service supplier.
Q:when you got no reply from our sales, what is to be done next?
A:You can sent email directly to our after sale service. When we recieved you chaims,we will process it immediately within 8am-6pm everyday.
Q:when we will adjust our quotation price?
A:1,The valid time of quotation.
2,The cost of original material rised up which beyond of control.
3,The exchange rate changing 

ergonomic gaming chairs with foot rest and 3D arm rest popular racing chairs;

PU+mesh,lift the armrest  , lay the mechanism, 80MM good chrome gas lift,350mm painting base,PU caster;

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