Gaming Racing Seat

Gaming Racing Seat
Product Details
NameGaming Racing ChairStyleModern ChairN.W/G.W21/23KGS
MaterialSynthetic LeatherFunctionSwivelPackage Size83cm*32.5cm*65cm 
Product Size66*75*122-132cmColorCustomizableArmrestPP Adjustable Armrest

Time-tested technology

The idea of using bean-shaped items as a seat filler has been around for centuries. In fact, traditional meditation cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls and other small plant parts similar to beans. Today’s cheap bean bags are filled with artificial beans that last longer than plant-derived fillers, but they still work the same. This type of seating technology is still the top choice for long periods of seated meditation today.

Good for your health

Sitting in low chairs like bean bags has actually been proven to be good for your body. You have to use more of your muscles to lower yourself into and get up from the seat. It’s a small difference that adds up over time. And it helps to prevent you from getting stiff joints and tight muscles.


Bean bag chairs have not traditionally been marketed as an ergonomic design, but the truth is the provide many health benefits. And some of those benefits, such as keeping muscles in better condition, cannot be gotten from traditional foam seat chairs.

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