Gaming Seats For Pc

Gaming Seats For Pc
Product Details
NameGaming Seats For PcStyleModern ChairN.W/G.W21/23KGS
MaterialSynthetic LeatherFunctionSwivelPackage Size83*32.5*65cm
Product Size66*75*122-130cmColorCustomizableArmrest2D adjustable armrest


Q:why choose our company?

A: 1.Own manufacture industry with all kinds of product souring services. Providing you excellent buying trip.

     2.Cooperate with design center which provide you specially products can not copy.

     3.Almost 5 years experience of working team in furniture business,providing you sufficient buying



Q:Why not ship the goods within one week?

A: We are not prepare stock for our goods. Only we will prepare the stock for common spare parts.   

Q:Why we ask you to provide detail information?

A: We want to act quickly after we receive inquiry, the detail information will be a great effect on the

cost calculation when we received your inquiry.

What’s Ergonomic Sitting?

Sitting is something almost all of us do every single day. When we wake up from our beds, one of the first things a lot of us do is sit at a computer, check our emails and do our daily routine where we’re off to work and some of us will sit down in a chair for 8 hours at our work. This is why it’s so important and why we try to stress comfort and health awareness when you’re going to be seated for prolonged periods of time. 

Ergonomic is basically a fancy word for both efficiency and comfort combined. It basically combines those two words in an environment such as the office or your home gaming room, to make sure you’re getting the best seating experience possible and you’re putting a positive impact on your health. 


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