"Love the shelf" children put up the mountain dream more than more than 20,000 books into the classroom

Childhood has a favorite book, so that more rural children enjoy the fun of books has been Hunan Alberto Giovannini Group CEO, loudi Zhou Zongfan, President of the dream in the heart of the young entrepreneurs Association. In order to achieve this dream, he privately funded books into the classroom, "kids want most."

"I also have my childhood, when I was young, the sight of their favorite books, treasures, but under limited conditions, not to read a lot to read the book. Children's creativity, imagination, intellectual curiosity is very strong. "When asked why books read, Zhou Zongfan replied. He wanted to do the best for children to read more books, broaden their horizons, and warm the soul.

As donors, Zhou Zongfan wanted to very fine. For example, after school book corner, after a short time to pay a return visit, to understand the use of classroom book corners, adjust as needed to add books. "What kind of book buying, we pass through family education, children's education, parent-child education expert selection, and then follow one or two years, five or six levels of distribution, choose the book for elementary and middle school students, including writing, art, stories, Greece myth, classics, picture books and helps young man growing up at home and abroad. Book review competition also encourages schools and speech reading activities. ”

Feelings of an education, and a social responsibility, watering flowers of education. On the way student reading, Alberto Giovannini education willing disseminators of spiritual civilization. As of now, Alberto Giovannini group in Hunan province have donated more than 20,000 volumes of books, covers all of the 14 schools classes free contribution 20 children to school. Alberto Giovannini this year will continue to help improve education in poverty mountainous area school library and resource allocation, "love the shelf" strewn throughout the water districts, all over the County, Xinhua within three years. Zhou Zongfan said, and will prepare all the time 70% and wealth education, he hopes that everyone in the community can participate in education, share the children's growth.