3·25 home Expo in Yantai costumes sail thousands of household products Grand feast

Enterprise meta-brand build-up lets you pick the eye

Gradually quickening pace of modern life, learning and work, as a warm Harbor, is the best choice for people to relax. After the carefully selected to suit your House, how to carry out renovation and decoration are common challenges that people face. This home Bo will in this is Shang will meet owners of needs, it is set home design, and home material, and home soft loaded, whole home procurement chain for one of home decoration service platform, will 20 home brand Home Enterprise, 260 home building materials home brand carrying thousand species high-end products concentrated debut, for general public provides a station type high quality decoration procurement service, let need decoration of public can one-time solution all problem, makes general consumers of home decoration procurement more convenient shortcut, in carefully selected in the built better of home.

Open the future of high-tech smart home products new life

Today, smart home is undoubtedly today's hot topics in home improvement. From the home Expo exhibition situation, many smart home products will also shine in the show. As draw international leading of intelligent home concept, heavily build of intelligent home brand rongshida intelligent home; advocate a more comfortable, and more energy-saving, and more security wisdom life of Ou Ruibo intelligent home; through cloud computing platform for consumers brings technology sense full of intelligent home life of wisdom cloud Valley; out out put love with in side of God Eagle • home TV,, these intelligent home products powerful of function, will let people front a bright. In addition, this blog will also have some sophisticated, strange new products coming out, will give the general public a fresh feel. As with the transparent polymer film optimizations and improvements into the benefits of painted wall Hipaint wall and writing; with international leading provider of ultrafiltration membrane technology and product research and development capabilities, China's first Water Purifier in the kitchen to create a spring to water purifiers; without detergent laundry products such as water treatment will be settled in the home Expo, a perfect visual feast for the public.