Adjust the office chair back way

For busy people every day, the chair is like a second bed, spent most of the day on it. However, many of my friends are suffering from back pain because of sedentary work. What is the main problem in this situation? The reason is that the office chair back is not adjusted.

Now let me introduce to you how to adjust the chair back under the office chair. I hope this article can bring you some help and reference.

office chair with height back

High judgment

A comfortable chair is the most extravagant thing for busy commuters every day. One-third of the day will be spent on office chairs, so choose a comfortable chair that will allow you to spend a third of your time comfortable and healthy. But how high is the height of the office chair to be comfortable? It depends on the height of each person. The height of the chair that judges the most suitable one, just remember "two verticals", when you sit down Look at the verticals of the thighs and calves, the verticals of the spine and hips, so that you can judge whether it is suitable for you.

Highly introduced

The office chair is generally 47 cm high and the lowest is 37 cm. How do you adjust the most suitable height? Generally, a fixed height chair is a minority, some office chairs are 40 cm high, some are 42 cm, and some are 44 cm, so the average height is 42 cm. However, some office chairs can adjust the height by themselves. Many friends adjust their own, but it is not the best in many cases. Therefore, more time has to be measured according to scientific methods.

Office chair height is optimal

According to an orthopaedic surgeon at the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, the optimal state of the height of the office chair is actually two vertical. The two verticals are able to satisfy the ninety degree vertical between the thigh and the calf, and the vertical of the spine and hip. If your office chair height meets these two conditions, then your office chair is the best height. However, this optimal height is also the most comfortable state, which not only can alleviate the fatigue of work sedentary, but also is very beneficial to health.

Office chair back adjustment

Now the height of many office chairs on the market is  adjustable. Generally speaking, the best way to adjust the height of the office chair is to use the position between the center of the binocular head-up display. As long as the display is kept at a distance of 60cm, or is lowered a little, the first row of characters displayed on such a screen is located at a position of about 3cm, so that the rigorous angle of the display is slightly downward, which can make the neck muscles Get relaxed to get the best possible condition. However, for some office chairs that cannot be adjusted, if you are short, you can put a little thing on the seat cushion. If you are tall, you can put a little thing under your feet. In short, you can guarantee two right angles.

Office chair height adjustment precautions

Perhaps you will often feel exhausted for work reasons, so be careful not to huddle in a chair even if you are tired, which will increase the pressure on the lower back and the intervertebral disc. When you are tired, just put your buttocks against the back of the chair. It is best to put a cushion so that the back can be slightly bent, so that the body will not shrink into a ball, and at the same time, the burden on the back can be minimized, thus reducing fatigue. But if you can, at least two minutes of activity every half hour, this can also reduce fatigue.