What are the cabinet materials in the bathroom cabinet?

What are the cabinet materials in the bathroom cabinet?

1, solid wood category, refers to the distillation of solid wood after dehydration as base material, through the N waterproof processing process of the cabinet. The table (or pot) can be used in glass, ceramics, stone and artificial stone, and the cabinet the same material, its characteristic is natural, simple, elegant style, can fully reflect the owner's Home Furnishing grade and dignity, through multi-channel processes and waterproof paint process after the waterproof performance is good, but the largest solid wood cabinet the drawback is that if the environment is dry (such as air conditioning or natural drying such as Xinjiang and other places) are easy to dry, so the maintenance used wet cotton cloth to wipe out often.

2, ceramics, refers to the direct basis of the mold firing ceramic body as a cabinet, the table is generally ceramic. Is very easy to take care of, can fully reflect the owner clean crisp rhythm, but the ceramic is fragile, if there is a heavy impact, it is easy to damage.

3, PVC class, can be made on the basis of wood processing technology cabinet, the body of raw materials for the PVC skin foam board, and the table is similar to solid wood. Is the excellent performance of waterproof, paint color and gloss for stylish consumer dazzlingly beautiful, use, but the PVC board will produce stress and deformation under gravity, not long after the recovery, so this cabinet generally bear the basin body is not large, the weight is small.

4, acrylic, must be on the basis of mould processing, first softening in the acrylic material according to the mold processing into a variety of styles to other cabinet; this kind of product is excellent waterproof performance, but its nature is very brittle and prone to scratches and cracks.

5, density board, density board as base material and production cabinet, water treatment, or the difference lies in the quality of the water treatment process of different sequence differences: first, do waterproofing, finally making the best cabinet. First do waterproof, and then blanking, and finally make the cabinet better. Finally, waterproof is a fool. The first cut good material six faces to do waterproof in place is among the best, but the size is very difficult, and can not destroy the scene cutting cabinet body structure, otherwise it will damage the waterproof performance, shorten the service life of the product.

6, trimer ammonia board, similar to the density board. However, waterproof is a PVC edge handle, easy to open the edge.

7, glass pot: glass and non glass two, which is not to say that the market does not allow some (in addition to steal three products listed). Most of these styles, updates are the fastest, easy to eliminate. If the glass basin often use soap or Cleansing Cream items such as wash, easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, it is difficult to clean (to use vinegar or neutral detergent, toothpaste or other cleaning), in addition, tempered glass has a self destruct rate, if the manufacturers 1/10000, the consumer is one hundred percent.

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