Bookshelf view

I don't have many books, but I love them. Small room, also is trying out a wall specially made for them a row of shelves. When I see this old and new books different, high or low, thickness ranging from books, I would like to see a close friend, and like is watching the soldiers lined up in neat rows. Even though I don't read them, chest filling in a story of joy. Handy opens a book, the subtle incense paper and a string of familiar words and I am always remembering that one folded folds in the years of unforgettable stories. These books are in a different historical period and I met. Either at an early age new year save the elders give money to buy some girls dig ditches buried water pipeline in the County earn some money to buy some workers from teeth after deduction of meals purchased; there is a very old political books, is helpless when the juvenile's father intended to burn books stolen. Books are no more but no less, in addition to my most loved literary books, there are politics, history, geography, biographies, and more. These books, some with elegant bindings, a young beautiful face; some have cover pages dog-eared, yellowing of the pages, a Deputy the vicissitudes of life. They are not but my silent friend, is my mentor. Each book, I was eagerly read. Kerosene lamp in my kiln in rural mountain read them; in factory boiler room operations room, read them; elaeagnus angustifolia forests covered with weeds in the city had read them. Gradually, the reading will not only become my hobby, has become a habit. Reading gave me knowledge and gave me strength, give me the wisdom and courage. Is has has these books of accompanied, I in life road Shang of any hard before waist not bent, head not low, bite to had carry, eventually also is carry has came; is has has these books of accompanied, I of knowledge "congenital nutrition bad" of defects to make up, began on literature produced strong of interest, and also "elephant" like make up has literature creation.