Chair's erotic design performance

A chair is one of the most frequently used items in a person's day. The ultimate goal of the chair design is to make people sit comfortably and relax physically and mentally. In addition to satisfying the basic function of practicality, people are constantly pursuing fun and “emotional communication” with people, which is to study the fun design of the chair.

1.Touch tactile

The chair has become more user-friendly and complicated by simple and practical, and it caters to the emotional, psychological, physiological and sensational feelings of various customers. Comfort is our ultimate requirement for chairs and basic requirements. Chairs, armchairs, swivel chairs, folding chairs, ring chairs, multi-functional chairs, and even massage chairs with health-care functions, noble and temperament chaise longues, children's chairs specially designed for children, etc., to meet a wider population, multi-faceted The taste gives people a variety of experiences on the touch.

2. Visual appeal

(1) modeling symbols

Therefore, the design of the chair is not only suitable for the individual's aesthetic taste, but tends to the taste of the public, more in line with people's lifestyle. From the perspective of the structure of the chair, it is mainly composed of three parts: the backrest, the seat and the chair. It can be seen that the chair is a comprehensive design of three-dimensional and flat. For example, a chair with the Da Vinci Code, an exaggerated and high backrest, full of honor and luxury, a limited edition sales model, adds a great commercial value and collection value to a chair.

(2) color symbols

In addition to form and material, color is the most direct visual touch, and is the first factor that evokes the instinctive impulse of human beings. The harmonious color is pleasing to the eye and pleasant. Color can regulate people's emotions, or stimulate emotions and fun, or calm moods; colors can express specific emotions and interests. With the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, the contrast color has become a new fashion, colorful color blocks, jumping colors, adding new tastes and charms, and bringing out the life experience of Lotte, becoming the fashion trend of modern furniture.

(3) Material symbol

The material elements of the chair are largely determined by the designer's tactile experience. This blend of visual and tactile feelings gives people a rich and emotional experience. The brocade art is full of luxury and elegance, embroidered vividly; the metal texture is solid and smooth, stable and steady; the leather has a modern sense, is synonymous with “foreign gas”, and is completely different from traditional solid wood furniture; the wood craft is antique, the texture beauty enhances the ornamental value of the home. Taste, taste and taste. The furniture of the Ming Dynasty is made of solid wood. It does not need nails, glue, or lacquer, and has a sense of integrity and texture. It is a testament to traditional Chinese decoration.

(4) Technical application

The ultimate goal of design is to continuously improve people's lives, solve various problems in life, and meet various physiological and psychological needs. The same is true of the chair.