City window won the 35th international furniture exhibition of gold and Silver-Award, as this exhibition only to maintain two brands with high honor!

Dongguan famous furniture fair, known as China's first brand furniture fair, the high threshold of well known, each event awards are based on the principle of strict justice, the quantity of awards its top it goes without saying that industry attention and recognition. Window of the city for years in the history of the show success and this show-winning, clearly demonstrated the comprehensive strength of the window of city brand!

Window of city 3D14 Hall since its investment results encouraging, solid wood and whole-House custom two power blocks shock appeared to quickly build a wide range of participating dealers and industry-wide concern. Yi Geshi wood to avant-garde design both wood value sense of design concept captured has many dealer picky of commercial aesthetic, easy grid wood works, styling fashion avant-garde, both abandoned wood heavy sense, but and full of retained wood itself of value connotation, from design, and material, and process, aspects do extreme, only March 16 day of time, easy grid wood of investment work has perfect ending, won easy grid wood agent right of dealer except has been love easy grid very Jane style of "old fans", Yi Geshi also promoted to a large number of distributors of wood "new favorite", with Yi Ge far-reaching influence for many years, we have confidence in the development of solid wood, the merchants, dealers have to seize the opportunity, strong evidence that Yi Ge the "Star" charm.