Coffee table fashion decoration tips

The coffee table is almost one of the must-have furniture for every family living room. It is a comfortable space for entertaining friends, and it is a place to reflect the taste and lifestyle of the owner. Decorate your coffee table and make your home fashion temperament instantly.

Art bauble: Pick a few small objects of art or small ornaments that embody the personality as an embellishment on the book, or put it on a tray as a decoration. If you like the atmosphere of life, you can also put candles of various colors on the coffee table. At night, you can have some wine and a candle. It is wonderful.

Vases and Flowers: A good way to make your living room full of freshness is to change your flower arrangement with the seasons, full of vitality. There is no doubt that flowers will make people feel happy, because this is a beautiful thing. The height of the vase also increases the visual drop and compensates for the low feel of the coffee table.

Using the tray This is the basis of a neat and chic coffee table that can hold small pieces of small items, making the coffee table look cleaner and more space-filled.

Beautiful and tall books: Pick some art or bright color covers, bold fonts and easy-to-use books, which greatly reflects the hostess's taste and hobbies, while at the same time adding some casual atmosphere, nothing to look at on the sofa Look at magazines or books, how comfortable you are.

Add metal fittings: it can be a metal art piece, or a silver fruit bowl. Different materials can increase the richness and layering of the coffee table. The silver fruit plate not only increases the fun of life, but also the variety of fruit colors. Bring visual enjoyment.