Custom closet pay attention to what issues would not be cheated?

Brand: this is primarily based on economic strength, on the premise of economic conditions, the best choice for some well-known brands. Well-known brands in addition to the quality of clearance of goods, a service also has a certain degree of protection.

Design: most major brands of custom closet designers would advance the door measured according to consumer data provided wardrobe room situation issued by the corresponding drawings and to avoid errors.

Materials: due to this problem more and more consumer attention, coming up when so many manufacturers in product environmental slogan, but as a consumer, may not know how to tell. When consumers in determining the issue of environmental protection, can be judged by wardrobe smell, if you send strong stimulus smell and even make people cry, which basically concluded that excessive levels of formaldehyde, not to buy.

Making size: wardrobe custom home is the first step in the carved out using space belonging to the wardrobe, wardrobe dimension higher, so it's better on the ground, walls and ceiling construction until after the measured size.

Space arrangements: in wardrobe of design in the, sometimes will appeared design Shang of negligence brings of finished using rationality Shang of trouble, so in purchase or custom wardrobe Shi, first need full consider design overall of feasibility, for example doors of proportion distribution, so as not to in using in the appeared store corner, also has push doors and track of location design, guarantee open door Shi not appeared and other door of collision problem.