Custom furniture: Pi Anuo fresh bookcase design, innovative and elegant life

People in the decoration in the course of the study, a passing space atmosphere. After all, people have studied here and read, will also carry out various thoughts about life. If the furniture is designed to be consistent with principles of precision, naturally, for all the right of privacy. Pi Anuo custom furniture is very famous, it is very good in the bookcase design, and launched a series of simple, elegant style of bookcase design, here we go into it looking.

The designs demonstrated the charm of simplicity, it does away with the traditional mode of Cabinet layout, but patchwork place the shelves, thereby increasing the randomness of the space environment, also makes the overall design look more stylish. From the perspective of hue, Pi Anuo custom furniture is milk-white tones and color, and pale yellow in our counter location to show, so that will give people a feeling of warmth. If the bookcase next to the Windows, Sun shines every day can be a very dreamy atmosphere of space, or you can let people wander about in a sea of books to enjoy.

Reuzo piano brands when you design the style bookcase, was taking into account the transmission of life. After all, for most people, reading is more than a theoretical study, but more importantly is a feeling of relaxation. So the bookcase design joins the soft elements, people here can find a quiet, steady life experience, will allow his mind to settle.