Daily Maintenance of Office Chairs

As an integral part of office furniture and daily work, office chairs are essential for routine maintenance. In order to make the office chair to serve us better, let's briefly introduce how to properly maintain the daily office chair.

First the chair is placed on a flat surface and placed in balance. The office chair must be balanced, otherwise it will be unevenly stressed, which will cause damage to the chair. Use a clean soft cloth wipe out the dust on the surface and keep it clean before using the office chair. Educate children not to jump on the seat surface, so as not to affect the use of deformation after partial compression. Avoid touching the surface of office chair with sharp angles or tooling to prevent scratching the fabric. Also avoid the sun shining on the sofa for a long time, so as not to cause partial fading or coloration of the product.

In daily routine maintenance, remember to use a clean soft cloth to clean the fabric from dust or smudges. The back of office chair, armrest, seat surface and the gap at the junction can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It is forbidden to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals such as acid or alkaline to touch the fabric to avoid affecting the surface quality and service life. For office chairs that are used frequently, apart from routine maintenance, regular maintenance is also required, usually clean one time every quarter. After using a clean soft cloth to clean the surface of the sofa, the leather fabric can be evenly rubbed with a special leather cleaner or polish, and then wiped clean with a clean soft cloth. For the materials of other kinds of chairs, the cleaning and maintenance of textile fabrics should be more careful to prevent the shrinkage of the fabric after washing.

The common fault analysis and elimination of the chair are as follows. The use of the movable part of the chair is not flexible, which indicates that the connecting piece and the connecting part of the moving part is loose or lacking of lubricating oil, and the connecting screw needs to be tightened at this time, and the lubricating oil is appropriately added. That the paint on the wooden handrails become white may becaused of contacting with high-humidity objects. At this time, use a damp hot towel to remove the whitening. This will enable the office chair to better serve us, and also save more business expenses, thereby reducing costs.