Daily maintenance of office chairs

After sedentary, you should often pat the sedentary parts and edges to restore the original shape and reduce the depression caused by the concentration of sitting. Keep the leather away from the heat sink and avoid direct sunlight. Do not expose it to strong light. The office chair needs to be cleaned normally. Do not rub heavily when cleaning normally to avoid damage to the epidermis. For leather office chairs that have been used for a long time or inadvertently, the cloth can be scrubbed with a suitable concentration of soapy water (or washing powder, water content 40%~50%). Then wipe with water and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not use strong decontamination products (such as decontamination powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other improper liquids).

At present, office furniture looks bright and shiny, but long-term use will lead to tarnishing of office furniture. At this time, if you want to maintain the gloss of office furniture, you can use the current special furniture spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agents. Kinds of furniture care products. Before using the furniture spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent, shake it well, then hold the spray can directly, then spray it on the center of the gap between the dry rags at about 15 cm, so that you can clean the furniture and clean it. Maintenance effect. If it is just clean water, it will be a little worse.

The increasing variety of office chairs is due to the increasing demand in the market. Office chairs used by different companies, different departments and different staff may be different, so there will be staff chairs, medium-sized chairs, and large classes. The difference between the chairs. No matter what kind of office chair, in order to better extend the service life of the office chair, you must not forget to carry out daily maintenance.