DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer is the king of cool-looking pc gaming chairs. We saw some of their models for consoles, but these guys kill the pc gaming market. The one we want to highlight you might have already seen with some twitch players. DXRacer likes to sponsor certain gamers to get their products out there.

These chairs have a ton of padding on them and they feel extremely comfortable. This one in particular has a really tall back, so your spine and head have a lot of support. The armrests have wide pads on them so you can position your elbows however you like, and they obviously adjust up and down depending on how you like it. It comes with a lumbar pillow and a small pillow for the headrest, and pretty much everything on this chair is adjustable so you can find the perfect custom fit.

DXRacer chairs are available in cloth, vinyl as well as race car upholstery style.

The backrest can be adjusted up to 180 degrees giving you the flexibility to set your posture as required.

The Racing Series’ high-density cold cure foam filling makes these chairs comfortable for extended use, especially for durations of 8 hours and longer.