Game e-sports chair function introduction

E-sports chair, e-sports seat, referred to as e-sports chair. Among them, e-sports is an activity in which the video game competition reaches the "athletic" level. E-sports is an intellectual confrontation exercise between people using electronic devices as exercise equipment.

The design of the esports chair is ergonomic and easy for the user to operate and experience. Since some games require a high level of effort from the user and a long sitting posture, the esports chair can guarantee the user's comfort.

1. Fabric mix and match: Fabric mix and match is a major feature of the esports chair. According to the test results of European seat experts' comfort, the backrest is made of soft leather for sports car, and the carbon fiber imitation leather material for the racing car is used for the seat. Some are still decorated with acclaimed racing-specific granules.

2. Steel skeleton upgrade: The esports chair is different from the general chair. The esports chair optimizes the internal frame structure on the basis of the original. The skeleton part is thickened by 1 mm, the comfort is improved, and the safety is more secure.

3. High straight back: high straight back is also a major feature of the esports chair, this high straight back design of the esports chair makes up for the low back of most computer chairs, the head and neck can not rest on the rest of the problem And the esports chair can keep the body sitting without fatigue.

4. Adjustable handrail: The armrest of the esports chair can be arbitrarily adjusted, so that the elbow joint of the keyboard and mouse for a long time is 90 degrees. In this way, it is possible to avoid the phenomenon of shoulders and hunchbacks caused by prolonged fatigue of the shoulders and wrists due to a long sitting posture.