Grasping the advantages of office chair competition

“For the manufacturer, the chair is a seemingly simple and very complicated commodity – sometimes its function and construction is simple, just try different styles, shapes and colors with different materials. Higher profits, but more often than not, it is not just an ordinary commodity, it has a profound cultural connotation and requires extraordinary creativity and high-tech support."

1. EXPANSION (product extension)

Why are car products in development: RVs, station wagons, sports cars, off-road vehicles... even interiors with different materials and styles are available for purchase...because it understands the different needs of modern people. Why can't the office chair learn from this idea and extend the product?

 Based on high design fees and mold costs. Why can't the appearance of the office chair be made of mesh cloth, cloth, leather, plastic, solid wood, metal... or composite material? Why can't there be the same chair type of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple? Why can't it extend to the conference chair, training chair, public row chair, drawing chair, hospital chair...

 The benefits of office chair extension are obvious: you can make full use of the original design and development, channels, image recognition and customer resources to quickly gain visibility. And can maintain the user's association range. Of course, the extension of the office chair is an extension of a major chair type and should be unified under the product. In this way, the diversification under the unified can make the chair maintain the image in the user's mind and increase the vitality of the product design.

2.under ENJOYMEN (to enjoy the work)

A fixed sitting position, no matter how close it is to the "ideal state", will cause fatigue after sitting for a while. The study found that people who work in chairs adjust their posture every 8 minutes to 10 minutes. For comfort. Therefore, a comfortable office chair becomes the basic premise of enjoying work.The so-called comfortable office chair is a chair that is ergonomically pleasing, can meet the needs of a variety of work posture changes, and is beneficial to people's physical and mental health.

The British Bluebroc company has launched an ultra-comfortable computer work chair C-Station for the pursuit of perfection. The seat has an ergonomic wrap-around design and the thick cushions are comfortable to sit on. There is ample space next to the chair to place remote control, mobile phone, books and other supplies. If you use the LCD screen, you can also install it directly on the bracket provided by it, and then equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard, it is convenient and comfortable to the extreme.

For people who are sitting in a sitting position, enjoying work has gradually become a topic of increasing concern. Manufacturers should follow this trend and continue to develop and manufacture seats designed to improve human health. Create a more comfortable seating experience for the office crowd.

3.ENVIRONMENT (cooperating environment)Competitive office chairs should be suitable for a variety of workstations (Workstatfon), workplaces and public spaces, whether in traditional offices, technical offices, or in personalized offices. Both can match the environment and show their own characteristics. Therefore, whether the series, appearance and color materials of office chair products can cater to the trend of future office is a key point that manufacturers must grasp.

If the manufacturer wants his office chair to stand out in the future competition. Then, you can no lompany's product line. You should put it in a big environment, pay attention to it and other office furniture, office environment, Office ecology, office concepts, office operations, office IT equipment, and even the trend of fashion trends and color trends, in order to comply with the development trend of office chairs.

4. EMBODY (personal chair integrated)

What is the highest state of chair design and manufacturing? In my opinion, it should be a person and a chair. This may be a very abstract feeling, but the Embodv seat launched by Herman Miller in 2008 gave us an intuitive understanding.

This is a good quality seat. It achieves this goal through the following set of innovations:

■Intuitive backrest: The backrest of the chair can adapt to the unique spine curve of the human body. Sitting on it, you can freely move to eliminate discomfort and concentration. The narrow backrest allows the user's arms to stretch freely back and forth, which allows the chest to expand. The lungs inhale more air and deliver more oxygen to the brain.

■Pixel seat: When the user moves. The seat can move with it. The seat uses the principle of a pixel matrix, and its unique three-layer material construction and technology is suitable for micro-movement and uniform weight distribution.

■Regional support: The seat can eliminate the pressure on the human body at each contact point, so it can be adapted to various people. The reduction in pressure improves blood circulation and promotes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cells. Sitting on it, the user will feel refreshed and comfortable.

■ Reclining work: Embody's unique tilting device allows the user to work reclining. The seat automatically stabilizes the user's pelvis from each position in the seat, supports the user's chest and back, while correctly correcting the distance between the user's eyes and the computer screen.

■ Accommodating size: Within the size of a seat, the Embody is suitable for almost everyone's body size and work needs. The length of the seat surface can be enlarged or reduced to reduce the pressure of the thigh, but does not interfere with the user's posture of occupying the seat; the seat width can accommodate the hip of the person with the largest body; the height and width of the seat arm can be carried out Adjustment. To support a variety of work activities or work postures.

Embody's design is based on extensive research, including biomechanics, sitting behavior and sitting posture, anthropometric data, metabolic measurements, and tissue perfusion (exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in human tissue). It can be seen from this product that the design of the office chair has been greatly developed from the most primitive use to the current ecology and ergonomics, and the people-oriented technology has become the primary consideration in the creation of the work environment.

But how to avoid too individualized style in this chair design is a challenge and a problem.


There is a theory in product marketing that products that can touch people's hearts and create "love" will definitely become best sellers. So, how do consumers and users feel emotional about an office chair?

First of all. Focus on the target audience. Develop office chair products that satisfy them and delight them; second, create a comfortable emotional environment and strengthen emotional communication with users. Rather than using the "sales" approach; third, the implementation of the price of the human touch - product pricing to ensure that the company obtains reasonable income. Also accepted by the majority of users. Fourth, try to convince all users. Today, when the world economy enters the "economy economy era", trust is undoubtedly the most important. In fact, the brand advantage will be more from the core culture and emotional connotation of the brand.

Product emotional marketing is to win the trust and preference of consumers through psychological communication and emotional communication. To expand market share and gain a competitive advantage, a marketing method is the highest level of marketing.