Henry VIII holding a chair leg

At the top of a college in the UK there is a statue of Henry VIII, his right hand holding a chair leg. The story about this chair leg is like this - in 1546 King Henry VIII created this college. On the top of the door, his statue was originally a hand-held scepter symbolizing the kingship.

However, the college students in this college could not understand the king’s arrogance on the top of the university, so they went up and took the scepter off. Later, the school made a new scepter and put it back in the hands of the king. But soon, the students took it off again. So three back and forth, the school finally gave up. The students didn't stop there. They didn't let the king's hand empty, but they gave the king a chair leg overnight. The school did not interfere, until today, "Henry VIII with a chair leg" has become a proud scene of this college.

After reading this, you may be sighed by the incompetence of the college's management of students. Maybe you think that such a college can't cultivate any outstanding talents; however, you are wrong, that is, this college has cultivated 32 promises. The Bell Prize winner, six British prime ministers, and the well-known Newton, Bacon, Byron, and Russell are the alumni of the college, and even the Harvard University, which is second to none in the United States. This college is the University of Cambridge's Trinity College.

At this time, you may be surprised, maybe it will be incredible, but if you think about it carefully, you will feel reasonable. Because the purpose of education is to serve students, it is to let students learn; the place of education is not for whom to see, but to create a relaxed environment for students to think, study, and seek knowledge. The reason why Trinity College no longer stubbornly put back the scepter is because they know that students have reasons to do so, and this reason is scientific and correct. How can there be a free pursuit of truth under the scepter? ? Later, the students gave a chair leg, which was actually a smile of truth victory, a mockery of the failure of the scepter; in fact, it also revealed the world, always free and equal in the face of knowledge, and only in this way Only by achieving education can we cultivate outstanding talents.

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