How many different kinds of gaming chairs are there?

A: There’s the video rocker, the racing seat, the bean bag seat, the racing chair and the pedestal chair. Each of them have their unique advantages and disadvantages over other chairs. Here’s an overview of what general purpose each one serves.

Video Rocker – These are the cheapest types of gaming chairs on the market. They sit on the floor and are great for console gamers. Some of them come foldable and are great for any budget gaming room. They’re fun, well designed, comfortable and some of them come with audio input ports as well.

Racing Seat – Most notably what the DXRacer lineup likes to manufacturer. These are chairs that are specialized for PC gaming and have an unusually tall neck to help support the head and back. They’re also one of the most expensive next to the racing simulator chairs.

Bean Bag Chairs – While these don’t provide any kind of advantage or disadvantage to your experience, you will have to make sure that your desk has a slide out keyboard and that your desk level height can be adjusted to work with this chair. It goes great in any room and is mostly used for console gaming.

Racing Simulator – For those who love playing racing games, these expensive chairs are specialized to simulate the feeling of being in a cock pit. They come with an attached stand where a racing wheel can go.

Pedestal Chair – Arguably the most expensive due to all the features on them, pedestal chairs are similar to reclining chairs. They have a base that allows them to swivel and rock. Most people use them for console gaming but they could also be used for desks with a slide out keyboard and mouse.