How to choose a good office chair

1. Choose a humanized design computer chair that can improve fatigue

   The high-quality computer chair makes full use of the ergonomic principle, injecting humanized elements into the design of the core components such as the headrest, seat back, seat, cushion and armrest, fully satisfying the physiological needs of the human body during the use of the seat, and freely adjusting Function, comfort 95%, get rid of fatigue from the roots and improve the occupational illness caused by sedentary.

   The high-quality computer chair uses mesh cloth to make the curved headrest, which effectively adapts to the back neck and head, relieves the pressure of the cervical vertebra caused by the weight of the head, and can be adjusted up and down by 6.5cm and the angle can be adjusted by 80 degrees to meet the height of different people. The backrest has a comfortable feel and safety, and can be adjusted for good fit. The three-degree curved seat designed according to the sitting curve can increase the contact area between the thigh and the buttocks and the seat to relieve the pressure. It is flexible and convenient with three-button adjustment. The cushion is thick and has a concave curve design. It has a good sitting feel. The mesh material has good air permeability, fast heat dissipation and comfort. The armrests can also be adjusted up and down, holding the arm steady and effectively preventing the periarthritis of the shoulder.

Recycled cotton is prohibited by using a density of 30 original sponges. Sedentary, comfortable and durable.

It is made of high-grade top layer cowhide, which is even and thick, and feels comfortable.

office chair

2. Select the computer chair with guaranteed quality of raw materials

   The raw materials used in high-quality computer chairs are guaranteed by excellent quality. For example, the large aluminum alloy used has been certified by ISO9001; the mesh material is made of imported materials, which is not only ventilated, but also good for heat dissipation and easy to clean. The gas pressure rod is SGS-certified and can withstand 150KG pressure. It is certified by American BIFMA; 120,000 pressures and forward and backward tilt tests. Therefore, the high-quality computer chair is particularly durable, not easy to appear aging, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. Choose a seat with a guaranteed quality, environmental protection, and durability. Choose a good chair. Of course, you should choose a quality-assured product like Xiqiao.

3. Choose the details, exquisite workmanship computer chair

   The details determine the quality, a computer chair that looks comfortable and upscale, the details must be equally fine, and attentive. The small details of the computer chair should also be unambiguous. For example, the five-claw design of the chair foot is much larger than the four-claw, which ensures the stability and safety of the chair, and is more flexible than the six-claw. The materials used in the organization are real, never cut corners; the swivel chair is flexible, smooth and smooth; some concealed parts are also delicate and meticulous. If you want to buy a seat that looks like a grade, then the details are one of the considerations when shopping.

4. Choose a stylish computer chair

   The design of the computer chair is generous and unique, and the color is elegant. Whether it is at home or in the office, it is beautiful. Choosing a good computer chair, of course, can not be too ugly, such a lightweight design like a high-quality computer chair is a good choice.

5. Choose affordable, cost-effective seats

   The high-quality computer chair has a humanized professional design, exquisite craftsmanship, chic shape, and green environmental protection features. The price is economical and it is a seat with high cost performance. Choosing a chair, of course, to choose a value-for-money product, such as a high-quality computer chair, such a cost-effective good chair, is really worth buying a good chair.

   According to the above five steps, a good computer chair can be selected, as an office furniture purchaser or a family use, etc. If you buy a computer chair, you can follow these five steps, then for the user Is a great gospel, using regular manufacturers products to prevent security risks