How to choose the color of the office chair

Leading the executive chair color should be deeper. The color used by a unit's office should not only be consistent, but also consider the difference in the level of the employee through the difference in local color. For example, the desk of a company's ordinary employees is light gray, and the staff chair is dark red, which is a lively embellishment of the entire cool color, and allows the leader to see at a glance which employee is not in the seat; if the middle management and senior management The desk of the staff is wood-brown, so the mid-level manager's seat can be set to blue-gray, while the top management's seat is black, showing solemnity and authority.

The shady office should be warm and sunny. The office is pleasant, and some offices are cloudy or even have no windows. It is very cold to enter, so it is best not to use cool colors, brick red, Indian red, orange red. All colors can make people feel warm. And the walls must not use the color of strong reflective ability, otherwise the staff will cause eye fatigue due to light stimulation, no spirit, and invisibly reduce work efficiency.