How to identify the quality and safety of office chairs?

1. Is there a formal inspection report?

All the chair lifts sold by regular manufacturers will issue an “inspection report”. For gas pressure rods with a certain risk factor, the pneumatic rods are made of steel material and high purity gas, and the gas is strictly sealed. The upper end of the air pressure bar is also printed with a logo verified by the relevant state department, and the manufacturer, the type of pneumatic bar and the prompting words are written in English.

2. Check the load-bearing capacity of the backrest

The backrest of the office chair is what we want to focus on. We can sit up and feel that it is load-bearing and stable. If you sit up and feel the shaking is very strong and you want to fall at any time, then such a chair must be of poor quality. . Also look at whether the height of the office chair armrests is equal, and the unbalanced armrests will give people an uncomfortable feeling.

3. Check the chassis and casters

Some merchants use poor materials to make the chair, making its stability quite unstable. Then adjust the lifting system of the office chair or tilt the adjustment to see if it is smooth.

4, check the small details of hardware accessories

The tightness of the hardware connection is the key to determining the stability of the office chair. If the hardware connection is not tight, loose, or less screws, the office chair will be shaken very much, and may collapse after a long time. In the case, there are great security risks.

Office chairs in the informal use, in fact, there will be security risks, so everyone should pay more attention when using, office furniture purchase to the formal Guangzhou office furniture manufacturers to buy, only in all aspects of protection.