How to install a five-star foot office chair

How to install a five-star foot office chair. Office chairs are a very important type of office furniture. The five-star office chair is a very important type of office chair. So what do you need to do during the installation process? This article will introduce you to this topic and show you how to install the five-star office chair.

Then the tools you need to use are: screwdriver


Installation first step: five-star foot presses the wheel


Insert the wheel into the five-star foot, insert a little bit of force, and the other is screwed in, this is a personal wit.


Installation second step: install the air cap


After the wheel is loaded, turn the five-star foot over, put the gas rod into the middle hole position, and unplug the gas rod cap before putting it in.


Installation Step 3: Install the chassis


Install the chassis on the floor where the seat cushion is clean. Pay attention to the direction of the chassis when installing and tighten the screws.


Installation Step 4: Install the gas rod


After the chassis is installed, place the seat cushion on the air rod and insert the hole in the chassis;


Installation Step 5: Install the armrest


After the seat cushion is vented, start to install the handrail (note the front and rear of the handrail);


Installation Step 6: Install the backrest


Be careful not to tighten all the screws of the armrests so that the backrest can be easily installed.


Installation Step 7: Install the armrest and backrest


Place the backrest on the seat cushion and pay attention to the direction. First align the backrest with the hole of the armrest, then install the screws on the bottom of the backrest and do not tighten it. After installing the bottom screw, lift the backrest to the top of the backrest. Install the screws and install all the screws. Tighten


Installation step 8: tighten all screws


After tightening all the screws, install the armrest trim buckle so that a complete office chair is installed.