How to maintain the cloth office chair

The fabric chair not only makes the living room more welcoming, but also soft and comfortable, which is very popular. However, compared to a smooth leather chair, the fabric fibers are more prone to dust and dirt, and are also prone to moisture absorption. If it is not cleaned frequently, the fabric chair may breed mold and mites, pollute the living environment and affect health. Moreover, the chair is not only the family, but the guest is also sitting. Sometimes I ran outside for a day, and the dust servant, sitting in the chair as soon as I entered the house, maybe I was sitting in the same position in my pajamas. The chair became a place where bacteria spread.

How to clean cloth chairs and seats

After the chair is too dirty, it is best to have a professional cleaning company to clean it once, and the middle and high-end chairs need to be washed once a year. Cloth chair cleaning is generally divided into dry foam cleaning and wet washing: the former protects the chair well, has no obvious stains, and can be dried naturally in a short period of 1-2 hours after cleaning and disinfection; the latter does not clean the chair for a long time. The stains are more prominent, need to be wet washed, and then use the high-power water absorbing machine to absorb the dirty water on the chair fabric, so that the cleaned chair can completely clean the cockroaches on the chair at one time, and then feel soft and elastic. Wet-washing chairs are widely used by ordinary consumers. It usually takes 3-4 hours to dry out to restore the original condition, and it can be done faster if it encounters a good weather. (So summer is the best time to clean.)

First, the sofa is often dusted with a vacuum cleaner to keep the surface clean; secondly, for dirty places,

It can be treated with a dry cleaning agent or a versatile stain remover; again, it can be sprayed on the surface of the sofa with fiber spray wax.

Protect the sofa surface from deep pollution

How to clean cloth sofas and seats?

1. Spray Clean King Liquid or Super Bottom Bubble Cleaner on the surface of the sofa and infiltrate for 3-5 minutes.

2. Heat the surface with a steam engine.

3. Clean the surface with a dry foam sofa cleaner.

4. Wash the surface with a small washing machine.