How to rationally layout office furniture

Office furniture serves both office and decoration. How to put office equipment to make the space look more neat and beautiful.

 A. The atmosphere is unified.

The choice of furniture in the home office should also deal with the contradiction between the home atmosphere and the office atmosphere, and coordinate the two as much as possible. The office room and other rooms should be planned in a unified manner, and a unified tone should be formed. Combined with the office characteristics, some adjustments should be made in the selection of the furniture style and the color treatment of the wall surface, so that the office room is generous and avoids the over-private color.

B. The size is suitable.

To choose different home office furniture according to the nature of different jobs, the home office that needs to receive a large number of customers at home should choose a large sofa for reception and the table for the guests; the independent office can choose a large desk.

C, compact layout.

General home office furniture includes work tables, work chairs, bookshelves, data cabinets, and the like. Computers, printers, scanners and other office equipment and a large number of books and documents require a reasonable placement. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right home office furniture and create an effective working space to improve work efficiency and comfort. For this reason, we should try to choose furniture with integrated functions. It is especially important to make full use of the limited space when the room size is small. A set of wall cabinets can be selected along the wall; some folding office furniture can be put in and out, all kinds of drawers and grids are available, and when you work, you can use them when you pull them out. You can take them back when you are not using them.