How to sit in the office chair

The spine experts in the United States have recently reminded that many people's office chairs are not up to standard, and the body cannot be freed from back pain. So, how can I adjust the office chair to the "best state"? First, adjust the desk or workbench to the right height depending on the nature of the work. Because different desk heights have different requirements for the placement of the seat, and sometimes even a seat is required. Once the height of the desk is fixed, the height of the seat can be adjusted according to the "reference" of each part of the body.

Elbow: Under the premise of sitting comfortably, the closer the elbow is to the table, the better, to ensure that the upper arm is parallel to the spine, the handle is placed on the surface of the workbench (such as a notebook or keyboard), and the height of the seat is adjusted up and down to ensure the elbow. The department is at a right angle. At the same time, adjust the height of the armrest so that the upper arm happens to lift slightly at the shoulder.

Thigh: Check if your finger can slide freely under the thigh and at the front end of the chair. If the space is too tight, you need to add an adjustable footrest to support the thigh. If there is a finger width between your thigh and the front edge of the chair, then raise the height of the chair.

Leg belly: Try to hold the clenched fist through the gap between the back of the leg and the front end of the chair while the hips are close to the back of the chair. If it can't be done easily, then the chair is too deep, you need to adjust the back of the chair forward, pad a cushion or change a chair.

Back waist: Do not huddle in the chair when you feel tired, which will increase the pressure on the lower back and the intervertebral disc. Put the buttocks against the back of the chair. It is best to put a cushion so that the back can be slightly bent, so that when you are tired, the body will not shrink into a ball, and the burden on the back can be minimized.

Sight height: Close your eyes, then slowly open your eyes, the line of sight should fall in the center of the computer monitor. If the display position is too high or too low, then you need to make adjustments to reduce neck muscle chair with footrest

Reminder: Long-term fixed sitting posture is not beneficial to the body. Therefore, remember to get up and down at least one to two minutes every half hour. Even simple activities like stretching your body or going to the bathroom are all right. If you have the conditions, walking slowly for 20 minutes will not only reduce the pressure on the spine, but also promote blood circulation, so that nutrients can be transported to various parts of the spine.