Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce held the 9th Secondary Member Summit. The Chamber of Commerce released the first standard for leisure chairs. This was approved by the state and developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Hangzhou Furniture Enterprises together. The future furniture companies have produced industry standards for the production of leisure chairs.


"Sofas and chairs have production standards, but indoor leisure chairs are between the sofa and the chair. If the production standard of the sofa is used, it will be difficult to reach the standard in the collision force, but if using chair production standard, there are other aspects that can not be up to standard. Zhou Yu, executive secretary of the Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce, said.


At present, there are more than 200 furniture manufacturing enterprises in Hangzhou, and almost every furniture manufacturing enterprise is producing leisure chairs. In order to make the leisure chair have reasonable standards, starting from 2017, Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce and Zhejiang Hundred Industrial Co., Ltd and other furniture enterprises will conduct joint research and testing. And after discussions, finally passed the national approval last year, which will be the first standard for leisure chairs.


At the meeting, the Hangzhou furniture industry also established the Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce Innovation and Joint Development Club. The club will combine the advantages of the new youth, gather multi-party resources, and build a platform for entrepreneurial innovation in furniture enterprises. Hangzhou furniture industry is in the midst of new developments and new opportunities. Customized and personalized furniture is impacting the tradition. The traditional furniture industry has been unable to meet the market demand and needs the innovation of the new generation. The club was established in this form.


It is understood that Hangzhou Furniture Chamber of Commerce Innovation and Joint Development Club will integrate a series of resources such as industry and design, and seek innovation in product R&D and manufacturing, business model operation, informationization and big data. In the future, the club will gather industrial advantages, organize new young entrepreneurs to participate in more activities, and inherit and innovate the development of furniture enterprises in the era of new and old handover.