Kitchen cabinet concept and customization process

Kitchen cabinet concept and customization process

A cupboard (kitchen cabinet), also known as "family kitchen furniture", "cabinet soldiers" and so on; is the family kitchen set burning, washing, storage, oil, smoke and other functions of a family, civil facilities.

Custom process cabinet

The cabinet made of more and more popular, and the owners in the choice of decoration in general are confused, do not know how to choose the cabinet, one is how to select the size I do not know, two is the selection of cabinet materials are not familiar with.

The first step: choose a quality, service, high-quality manufacturers, and then determine the order.

The second step: sign orders, and designers come to measure, consultation with the designer appointment time, to ensure that the cabinet can be customized.

The third step: according to the kitchen design, layout, as well as the water circuit, electrical position, draw custom drawing cabinets.

The fourth step: the accurate measurement of the whole cabinet to determine the construction scheme of the standard and reasonable custom cabinets in Xi'an.

Fifth step: sign contract of supply with the merchant.

The sixth step: manufacturers in accordance with the provisions for consumers in accordance with contract time delivery and installation of cabinets.

The seventh step: consumers check Xi'an cabinets, acceptance, signature, payment.

Consumers should pay attention to the contract must write clear after-sales protection services, in order to protect consumer rights and interests.

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