Looked at the series of regrets: cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of office chairs!

Common office chairs are made of PU, mesh, leather, cloth, solid wood, etc.

So today, let's take these kinds of materials as an example to talk about how to clean and maintain the chair we will sit every day.

The PU material is a synthetic synthetic leather material.PU leather has good quality, and good PU leather is even more expensive than leather.Its material properties include good wear resistance, long service life and high mechanical strength.n general, the armrest of the seat is made of pu, which is beautiful and easy to care for.


PU, mesh office chair:

 In the cleaning process, generally wipe with a wet towel, you can remove most of the stains.If necessary, we can use leather cleaner or leather brightener to make pu material more lustrous and durable.For the mesh part, it can be cleaned with a brush and a cleaning agent. The material of the mesh is wear-resistant and air-dried faster.


The leather of the leather chair is not too soily compared to the general fabric and cotton. It has not been sitting for a long time, but it is only dusty.Using a cleaning agent to remove the stain immediately removes the seat and gives the seat a new look. Just bought a leather office chair, you should use a maintenance wax to apply a protective film on the office chair.


Cloth-type office chair cleaning is a spray cleaner, gently wipe. If it is particularly dirty, it can be washed with warm water and detergent.Do not rub the brush with your hand, otherwise it will make the fabric become old and reduce the service life.The solid wood office chair is gently wiped with a soft cloth, and the detergent can be used as appropriate depending on the degree of staining.It should be noted that do not use a wet rag to wipe the sun, or let the wood crack and rot, reduce the service life.