Office Chair Classification

The cheaper is the work chair. Work chair: It is mainly suitable for some production workshops. The composition of the seat is relatively simple. It is mainly made of mesh or anti-static material. It is not very comfortable to use, but the price is very cheap.

The most common is the staff chair. Staff Chair: This kind of office chair is mainly suitable for use in general office environment. It is also the most common type of seat in the office. The advantage of this seat is that it is relatively small in size and small in space, so it can be placed in the office. A lot, and won't take up too much space. However, the effect may not be very comfortable. If you sit for a long time, you will feel a low back, but most companies may not consider it much to save money.

The executive chair is one of many series of office furniture. The fabric has leather, artificial leather (PU leather), linen or mesh fabric. The executive chair has strong air permeability, good resilience, great pulling force, no deformation, no aging, and a ergonomic advantage according to the sitting posture of the human body. The seat is comfortable, stylish, and decent design. It is the best choice for office managers, senior executives, supervisors and administrative staff, office areas, staff areas and families. Generally used by higher level staff.

When it comes to the executive chair, talk about the medium-sized chair. The medium-sized chair is actually based on the evolution of the executive chair. The chair and the small chair are distinguished according to the height of the backrest and the size of the head. In simple terms, the medium-sized chair is a slightly smaller chair. The main features of this class chair are that the appearance is more compact and compact, and the design is more diversified. The scope of application is mainly staff. The price of the product is generally cheaper than the larger chair.