Office chair design appreciation

Steelcase office chair


The arm can behave like a human arm, so whether you use a smartphone to text, type on the keyboard, or touch the screen to operate the tablet, you can get the best support for your arms and shoulders.

office chair


With excellent ergonomics and intuitive user adjustment, and a creative solution to personalize your personal space, the storage configuration includes lanyards, hooks and hangers on the back of the office chair.

office chair

Let's B

Since the upper and lower backs require different supports, the back of the chair uses two materials. The upper backrest is supported by high-density foam, while the lower backrest uses a softer foam to protect the waist.

office chair

Herman Miller office chair


The imaginative design, advanced ergonomics and unique look make the chair suitable for all weights and sizes. The daily suspension of various sitting postures, innovative suspension design and convenient adjustment control enable people to have healthy comfort and balanced body support. Work chairs, armchairs, and high chairs are available for different types of work.

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Eames Aluminium Group

Designed for outdoor seating, the lines are neat and tidy for all occasions. The traditional fabric or leather jacket has a cushion underneath, and a 17/8-inch gap between the side ribs makes the whole product look neat and delicate. The Swan net accessories are lighter and translucent.

office chair


The chair is cushioned and the bottom casing simulates a 3D smart suspension. The optional lumbar support provides the user with a 4-inch free choice. The design of the SAYL chair has ingeniously reduced the use of materials so that more customers can purchase this product. The SAYL chair is polyethylene free and 76% of the material is recyclable and the price is close to the public.

office chair

Okamura Okamura office chair


This stylish office chair features a soft mesh and an “intelligent” ergonomic design that adjusts to the sitting position for superior comfort.

office chair


Perfectly fits all posture changes from the seat to the stand. Its “smart relaxation” mechanism absorbs most of the impact on your body when you are seated. And regardless of your height or weight, it provides a relaxing softness.

office chair

Baron/Okamura CP

This is an ergonomic chair developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Italian design company GiugiaroDesign, using cutting-edge technology. Baron/Okamura CP combines the world's most advanced seating technology with minimalist design concepts.

office chair