Office chair yoga: just take a chair and drive away back pain!

Today I will introduce you to a few simple yoga poses that you can practice in the office. Next time you are "sleepy" at the computer desk, try these actions that will help you relieve neck and shoulder pain.

You need a stable chair and then do yoga every morning and afternoon.


Balance type

Sitting on the front side of the chair, put your hands on both sides of the hips and press down, and the arm will force the butt off the chair.

Use the power of the abdomen skin, pay attention to the shoulder pressure and do not shrug.

Keep this position 3-5 breaths, return to the starting position, repeat 2 times.


△ lift arm tilt

Inhale and raise your arms;

The palms are up and the hands are clasped.

Slowly lean to the left, stop at your limit, hold on to 5-8 breaths, and repeat to the other side.


△ twist

Sit on the front side of the chair and slowly turn to the left.

The right hand is supported on the outside of the knee of the left leg, and the left hand is supported on the back of the chair to strengthen the screwing range.

Hold on to 5-8 breaths and then change sides.


△ back cross

The left arm is up from the back and the right arm is down from the back of the head.

If possible, keep the fingers crossed.

Hold on to 5-8 breaths, then change sides


△ curved knee press leg

Put your left foot on the right knee, open your left knee, and hold your left hand on your left knee.

Keep your back straight and lean forward.

Hold on to 5-8 breaths and then change sides.