Office furniture layout configuration

Office furniture is one of the largest furniture in corporate office space, and its shape and color will have a considerable impact on the overall style of the office environment. Office furniture is not only a tool for auxiliary office, but also plays a role in decoration. Reasonable office furniture space planning can not only satisfy the visual experience but also divide the space and improve the space utilization rate.

How to design the ideal office furniture layout?

According to the size of office furniture, first design several layout schemes, compare them, and finally determine a satisfactory solution.

The color of the office furniture should be coordinated with the wall surface, and the effect of arranging the accessories should be fully considered. The color of office furniture should also be based on the size of the living room. If the housing is relatively small, the color of the office furniture and the wall should be close to each other, resulting in the effect of expanding the sense of space. If the room is more spacious, you can choose furniture that is not the same color as the wall, and still have to match the colors. Finally, with the furniture as the background color, choose the accessory decoration of the complementary color relationship of "green leaf lining".

What are the rules for office furniture layout?

Large and small phase contrast, high and low connection, suitable for the process

Office furniture is the main part of the room layout, which has a great impact on the landscaping of the living room. Unreasonable office furniture is not only unattractive but also impractical, and even brings inconvenience to life.

People are generally used to divide a house into three areas: one is a quiet area, far away from the window, the light is weak, the noise is relatively small, it is more suitable to put the bed, the wardrobe, etc.; the second is the bright area, close to the window, the light is bright It is suitable for reading and writing, to put the desk and bookshelf as good; the third is the action area, which is the aisle of the entrance room. In addition to leaving a certain walking activity site, sofas, tables and chairs can be placed in this area.

Office furniture is placed in a zone, and the room can be used reasonably and comfortably. Tall furniture and low furniture should also be arranged with each other. The highly consistent cabinets are rigorous and lack of change. The furniture is too undulating and easy to create a messy feeling. Therefore, do not put low furniture such as beds and sofas close to the coat. Cabinet, so as not to create a big ups and downs of imbalance. It is best to use furniture such as chest of drawers, food cabinets, bedside cabinets as high furniture, and low furniture as transitional furniture, giving the impression that the vision gradually stretches from low to high, in order to obtain vivid and rhythmic visual effects. In short, the layout of the furniture should be sized, high and low, and patchwork. If the furniture on one side is small and small, the balance can be achieved by means of bonsai, small furnishings and wall decoration.

The relationship between employee activities and office furniture?

A single sofa width of 650-850mm, the front should have 450-650mm space, so that the legs can move freely.

Before the writing desk should consider the position of the chair, and the space occupied by the drawer should be considered. The former needs a width of 600mm or more, and the latter is at least 400mm. The space width should be determined by more people.

In addition, when placing or making furniture, you should also consider the opening of the room door, but also leave a certain space for the door, do not let the door touch the furniture.