Office furniture maintenance knowledge

Cloth class

Many companies' reception rooms are equipped with certain fabric furniture, which can make the customers who are received have a sense of closeness. The fabrics used in these fabrics are mostly soft and comfortable types, which are easy to be dirty and damaged, and need to pay special attention to their cleaning problems during maintenance. For products made of dust-proof, anti-fouling imported fabric, it can be cleaned by wiping with a clean wet towel. For those products that are particularly dirty and fragile, it is best to send them to a professional cleaning shop to prevent deformation and prolong their service life.

Electroplating, sandblasting glass

The office furniture of electroplating and sandblasting glass is mostly the coffee table, seat and other products in the staff lounge. The surface of these office furniture is bright, it is easy to see the fingerprint stain and affect the appearance of the coating on the surface of the product. However, the maintenance of such products is much simpler than the above three categories. In normal times, you only need to avoid placing it in a more sleepy environment; when cleaning, you only need to wipe it gently with a dry cloth to make it shine. However, be sure to pay attention when moving, you can not grab the glass table to move.

Solid wood

Solid wood office furniture is mostly desk office chairs, etc., pay attention to cleaning, placement and movement in maintenance. Avoid sharp scratches when cleaning. Do not use wire brushes or hard brushes for stubborn stains. Use a soft rag to remove strong detergents. When placing it, be careful to avoid direct sunlight as it will quickly oxidize the paint on its surface. Also, be careful when moving to avoid damaging the painted surface.


Leather office furniture is often used in high-level leadership offices to highlight corporate taste, with good softness and color, and it is easily damaged if not properly maintained. In maintenance, you need to pay more attention to both placement and cleaning. When placed, as with wooden office furniture, direct sunlight should be avoided. When cleaning, it should be wiped with a soft dry cloth after wiping a small amount of water with a fine velvet cloth. It is best for stubborn stains.

Plate type

The floor of the panel furniture must be kept flat and the four legs balanced. If the panel furniture is placed in a state of frequent swaying and unstable, the fastening parts will fall off and the bonding part will crack, which will affect the use effect and reduce the life of the panel furniture. In addition, if the ground is soft and the panel furniture is unbalanced, do not use wooden boards or iron sheets to cushion the furniture legs, so that even if it is balanced, it is difficult to be evenly stressed, and the internal structure of the panel furniture will be damaged for a long time. The only way to compensate is to trim the floor or use a slightly larger area of hard rubber to lay on the floor so that the four legs of the panel furniture stand smoothly.