Same customer skills, family would have to get the chain

Chain Han Zhaojun customers generally take 3-4 times, will deal listings matching is especially important. Han Zhaojun said he has the advantage of good questions. "Communicate with clients, I rarely spoke, mostly drop the subject, customers kept saying, quick key points drawn from these words, reasonable matching. ”

Chain home of Li Pengjun said, "customer is find we buy House, first, we from professional angle starting told customer this House he buy has yihou can brings what, and provides has some enthusiasm of recommends, not only is to sold for purpose; second, seems is simple of trading are has many risk, we to do risk put control, customer can accept, cannot do of things, chain home absolute not challenge bottom line. "Can certainly help to owners and customers, is a chain of small partners have been doing things.

In addition to these, studies, study, analysis analysis is so important. Ge Qing chain family when it comes to analysis, is a "hard" work. First, risk analysis is essential. I would take out of negative cases, such as sealing up, breach of contract case to the owners, helping them better understand risk and risk-averse. Furthermore, from the owners to analyze and consider. I will come up with detailed data and case, told owners of chain home sizes, chain Home Professional, the number of sales strength, digestive capacity, as well as for the purpose to achieve a Telemedia, but owner sales cycle-oriented, according to their time and market analysis. In addition, I will ask the owner the purpose of selling, is a room or a business turnaround and reasonable analysis, price is given.