Shelf maintenance tips

Do you want a bookcase? If it is an open, how to maintain it? On open shelves, has been controversial.

The shelves, as the name suggests is to specifically book shelves, sometimes used to store other files, and so on. Said open shelves controversial, mostly it is not of being snowed in, what we care to make it last longer?

First of all, maintain the shelf shelves come into contact with water should be avoided.

In the course of everyday use, should try to avoid exposure to moisture the shelf, or likely to cause rust on the surface of the shelf. Are generally required to hold a lot of books and shelves, books are unable to meet water, it's too easy to damage to books. Small details, so shelf away from the water.

Secondly, shelf maintenance to avoid sharp objects through the surface of the shelf.

If you scratch the surface of the shelf, shelf is influenced in appearance, second to air oxidation, is also easier to make shelves, spoiled. When scratching the shelf part of long-term contact with books, books are also easy to damage, been conducive to the maintenance of the books.

To end up on the shelves for regular cleaning. Best with a clean damp cloth to wipe it clean, and dry with a dry cloth, avoid moisture residue, rust led to shelves, affect the preservation of books.