Some little knowledge about the maintenance of the chair

The chairs are filled with them everywhere in the high-end office buildings. The chairs are often subjected to external pressure, so the chair is easy to break. It is especially necessary to have some knowledge of the maintenance of the chair in your life. If you feel that your chair is very uncomfortable when you go to work, or if your friend’s colleague happens to happen, you will encounter this kind of thing. Can also help them solve. Today I will bring you a knowledge of the maintenance of the chair.

1. Sometimes sitting on the boss's chair, the boss chair will be left or right, and it feels very uncomfortable.

In this case, it can be judged that the gas pressure bar is broken. Due to the different pressure bars and model pressures, it is necessary to have a professional to confirm. If the professional is not at the scene, please do not disassemble it yourself, otherwise it will be dangerous.

2, the boss chair fell backwards (the tray is broken)

3. Sit on the boss's chair and the boss chair will fall backwards.

This situation is reflected in the existence of various problems in the chassis. You can first check the appearance for damage, and then check if the screws of each component are loose and need to be dealt with in time.

4, the boss chair five-star foot breaks a solid problem, the other is the balance problem.

In this case, we can directly see that it is better to judge that the five-star foot is broken.

5, the boss chair wheel is broken, naturally need to be replaced, the screw of the wheel.

In this case, the wheels need to be replaced and the wheels have different specifications. First look at the wheel model of the chair, then buy the appropriate wheel to install it.

There are some dry goods below, Xiaobian gives you some advice on the maintenance of the chair:

1, chair / chair back: the use of high-quality hemp surface, wear-resistant, bright and long-lasting.

2, back pad / seat cushion: foam: high-density foam molding thin cotton; with strong gas permeability, not easy to change.

3, handrails: the use of fixed high-quality handrails, feel comfortable.

4, chassis: aircraft chassis, large area is not easy to recline, and the seat height can be adjusted.

5. Chair foot: Five-star foot The chair wheel has the following two specifications: fixed wheel and movable wheel.