​SONGMICS Gaming Chair

The SONGMICS Gaming Chair Swivel Office Chair with a high back is a budget friendly gaming chair that provides relief, an ergonomic design and is highly configurable dependent on your needs. For tall gamers, this chair features an extra high backrest and for those with sensitive skin or a bad back, the fabric PU material used in this chair is very soft. The PU grade material of this chair was made with high-grade fabric and the cushioning is made of molding foam with extremely high-density. 

This is one of the more softer chairs we’ve seen and you can definitely feel it when you’re sitting down because it honestly feels like a cloud. The best part is, thanks to the high-density and the molding foam, the chair never deforms, no matter how long it’s been in use for. If you’re looking to recline to a nice relaxing position, all you have to do is press a simple button and you can recline up to 135 degrees. It’s great for taking a nap or watching a movie as sitting upright all day can get a little bit tiring on the back.

There’s tilting and adaptability depending on your specific preferences and if those armrests are getting in your way, all you have to do is flip them up or remove them. The armrests however are comfortable and not hardened plastic like a lot of other gaming chairs like to include, so you can rest your arms comfortably on them without pinching any nerves or becoming uncomfortable. You’re able to swivel a full 360-degrees which is pretty standard with most gaming chairs today. One of the biggest selling points though has to be the low price because this chair features a lot of the same features that other gaming chairs do and they would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

Gaming Chair.jpg