Summer is coming, the way to cool office furniture

How come the office furniture cools down when summer comes! This makes office furniture use a long life and is more secure! So how do you deal with it? Choose high-density panels before purchasing office furniture! Because other parts of the high-density sheet are made of high-density boards, it is also designed to prevent seasonal expansion and contraction. Even if the humidity in the summer rises relatively, the wood will only expand slightly, and these natural changes will not affect the durability of quality furniture. The following summarizes several methods for cooling the furniture.

First, for example, the sun can not be directly exposed for a long time, not too cold or too hot, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture. If the temperature and humidity change is too large due to frequent switching of the air conditioner, even the qualified solid wood office furniture products sometimes undergo deformation and cracking.

Second, the office furniture near the window is covered with curtains if necessary. Solid wood drawers and sliding doors may be difficult to open and close due to excessive expansion. You can apply wax or paraffin on drawers, sliding door edges and bottom slides.

Third, plant appropriate plants in the office. Plants have the effect of cooling, and also prevent computer radiation. According to foreign reports, green plants can also help decompression under the work of excessive stress intensity!