Take you with decryption custom closet pricing

Custom closet is mainly formed by the plate, match the necessary hardware, and in order to enhance usability and increase convenience of trellis, such as drawers, pants-functional components. Custom closet price sheet types, the number of hardware, and features vary, the number of components, mainly has following several aspects:

Sheet, see Custom closet

John nuo Wei wood particle board

Currently on the market for the production of custom closet plates include particle board, MDF, and solid wood. Particle board with good moisture, but it is not easy to plastic; MDF strong loading capacity, pressure-resistant and durable, is the most common in Europe and America plate; wooden furniture natural wood, healthy, dry and humid environments prone to cracking. John noble power plates are solid wood particle board used in custom closet, very good to avoid the disadvantages of the three, moisture deformation properties recognized by our customers.

Second, see Custom closet accessories

Custom closet hardware fittings are mainly used by pulleys, guide rails, hinges, handles, three-in-one connector, the pulley is mainly used for sliding wardrobe doors, Rails includes sliding door Rails and drawer Rails, door hinges are mainly used for wardrobe doors, handles, including door handles and drawer handles, three-in-one connector is used for the whole wardrobe and the connection between the plate and fixed. Custom closet hardware price difference is whether brand products. John nuo Wei is well-known on the market of haidisi, Blum, three guides, hardware, hardware of these brands are of good quality, relatively normal hardware will naturally be higher. But the wardrobe is the durability of products and good hardware also extended wardrobe life has an important role, it is recommended to choose better hardware.