Teach you how to choose a safe office chair lift

  1. When consumers purchase such a pressure lift chair, they must choose a regular product that indicates the manufacturer's information. Don't try to buy three no products at a cheap price, otherwise not only the quality can't be guaranteed, but also there may be no right to defend the rights when there is a problem. At the time of purchase, consumers should pay attention to check whether the product has a certificate of conformity, registered trademark, manufacturer name and address.

  2. According to industry insiders, all the chair lifts sold by regular manufacturers will issue an “inspection report”. For pneumatic jacks with a certain risk factor, the pneumatic rods are made of steel and high purity gas, and the gas is tightly sealed. At the upper end of the gas pressure bar, there are also signs printed by the relevant national authorities, and the manufacturer, the type of pneumatic rod and the prompts are written in English. Generally, there will be an explosion situation, and the chair lift uses a poor quality gas rod produced by a non-formal manufacturer.

  3. When purchasing the chair lift, you can check whether there is a product's qualified mark on the chair or the package and the basis for compliance. Since the general air lift chair has a warranty period, consumers should remember to ask the merchant for an invoice when purchasing, so as to avoid lack of credentials when defending rights.

  4. you can try to adjust the seat when buying, to see if it is smooth. It is recommended to purchase a lift chair that is smooth.