The Importance of Office Chairs

Due to the long-term sitting state, the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are always in a state of tension, so office workers suffering from cervical lumbar spondylosis are becoming more common. A "careful" office chair will allow our waist and shoulders to be partially adapted to the endurance. The adjustable elastic support can adapt to various postures and protect the health of the spine. Office chairs with a long mission time, if the screws are loose, when you sit down, you will make an annoying sound, and the left and right imbalance of the seat surface will make you worry about stretching or not crushing the back of the chair... It may make work efficiency greatly diminish. Because each of us has different body shapes, different heights, fats and thinness have different sitting habits, so the most basic and final requirement for office chairs is to sit comfortably. Realizing the importance of office chairs, we can properly prevent office diseases and complete work more efficiently.

office chair (2)

The so-called 'If a worker wants to do something good, he must first use it.' We must choose a comfortable office chair to help us complete the daily work. It can be combined with human mechanics to provide the most comfortable and healthy sitting position for the seater, so that people can not feel its existence. Such an office chair is what we need.

From the current mainstream office chairs, more mesh clothes are used. Compared with imitation leather, cloth, leather, etc., the mesh has stronger adaptability and plasticity. The material of the mesh material is loose, which is more material-saving than the traditional material, and the gas permeability is better. A thoughtful office chair also burden the responsibility of protecting the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine. The design of the office chair requires ergonomic considerations at the waist, back, neck, head, and armrests. These details are realized through the mesh material. By considering the details, the office chair can better understand the needs of the human body and make the office sit healthier.