Two points of maintenance of fabric furniture

Fabric furniture has the characteristics of being able to change the cloth cover at any time and is easy to clean. At the same time, the material is soft and not easy to damage. In normal times, as long as it is cleaned frequently, the surface can be cleaned, but large parts such as mattresses, in addition to the cleaning work on weekdays, Better maintenance results through reasonable use.

Regarding the maintenance of furniture, furniture of different materials has different maintenance methods, and must be treated differently. Otherwise, not only does it not play a protective role, but improper maintenance methods will reduce the life of furniture. The following small series will share with you the little knowledge about the maintenance of fabric furniture.

1, reduce contact friction

Try to avoid many people sitting on the edge of the mattress often, do not step on the mattress, so that the mattress is kept flat and extend the service life; the mattress can be turned over and used regularly, can be turned upside down or reversed at the beginning and the end, so that the mattress is stressed For uniformity, the average family should be replaced once every 3 months; the spring mattress should pay attention to place a cotton felt or bedding on the contact part with the bed frame to reduce friction and prolong life.

2, smooth handling

If the bed is to be moved, it must be placed flat and stable. It is best to use special padding on the four corners of the floor to keep the overall structure stable. At the same time, do not bend the mattress during handling. Bundle with a rope and try to avoid collision to prevent the surface of the mattress from being bruised or damaged.