What kind of black technology is there for hotels that countless e-sports players dream of?

The e-sports hotel room may not sound fresh.But it is must be full of black technology and creativity to built in the premium hotel group!

gameing chair

Alienware and the Hilton Company set up an esports themed suite Room 2425 with Alienware's gaming PC and accessories, Oculus Rift VR, and Xbox One Elite handles in Hilton Panama . At the same time, the esports chair and the bean bag chair are also prepared in a very intimate manner, so that the guests can choose to seriously fight or lazy to play.

gameing chair

However, this Room 2425, which belongs to the Twin Room, has a room rate of US$349 per night (about RMB 2,200). What black technology is there in such a expensive room?

First of all, the decor of the rooms is very distinctive, and Alienware's alien avatar icon is placed around. The decorative background of the scientific style makes people feel like they are in a science fiction film. Enjoy a life of the future in advance!

It is the meaning of hotel service to make e-sports players comfortable, so the hardware configuration in the room must have a full range of technology: VR technology, racing seats, lazy couches, and alien lighting equipment. Players can switch lighting effects to make different styles of themes appear, so that you can enjoy e-sports life more personally!

gaming chair

The racing seats in the room are powered by NASA's heat sink, which absorbs the heat generated by the esports players. Let you concentrate on the game, dispel your sense of exhaustion, and you don't have to worry about your body's fever and sweat.

Surrounded by luxurious seascapes in the South Pacific Ocean, players control the top-of-the-range computer in the Alien series, which is what many game parties have dreamed of!

gaming chair

The e-sports trend is unstoppable, which has also spurred the rise of related industry chains. The universities, shops and parks on the theme of e-sports have appeared in the public's field of vision, and this home appliance hotel has seized the pain points of the players and played a leading role. 

It is reported that some advanced technology companies in the world are already preparing to establish their own e-sports hotels.E-sports hotels are also about to be produced in China. I believe this is not only to create a vase for the player space, but also contains the scientific and technological achievements of China. The embodiment of science and technology development highlights the concept of technology entering life!