​What to Look for In A Gaming Chair

Budget – This is a big factor and a very important deciding decision on what kind of gaming chair you should get. Set aside a definitive budget and decide how much a gaming chair is worth to you. Do you really NEED a gaming chair and if so, how much can you afford to spend on one? You’re going to get what you pay for but you also shouldn’t strain yourself.

Necessities – What do you need to have included in your gaming chair? For folks who are large or tall, they need wide seats or a tall backrest, so that they can comfortably sit in the chair. Do you need armrests that are detachable? Different gaming chairs come with an array of different features, so you’ll need to figure this out beforehand.

The Purpose of The Chair – What’s the overall purpose of the chair and what do you plan on using it for? If it’s solely for gaming, then you probably want something that comes with a lumbar and headrest pillow along with having breathable cushion material, as you’ll be spending long periods of time in it. Do you want it for reading, movie watching or leisurely time? Then, you’ll want something that can recline to a comfortable position and some of these chairs offer a 180 degree recline.