Which child chair is best? Pay attention to the purchase of children's chairs

At present, children's furniture is very good in the market, but what about the design of children's furniture? What should we pay attention to in children's furniture design? In this experience based on years of experience to learn some of the children's furniture, let's share it.

From the material point of view, the current children's furniture is mainly divided into solid wood furniture and panel furniture. Today's parents pay great attention to their children's physical and mental health, so safe and environmentally friendly solid wood furniture is the mainstream in the children's furniture market, health first, safety first, this is the children's furniture throughout the home

Mainstream of the industry

A: Functional design: free combination, flexible and changeable

In order to adapt to the child's growth characteristics and physical health, children's furniture is often designed to be freely combined and flexible. Such as children's tables and chairs, in order to adapt to the child's rapid and high body changes, the table can be adjusted to the height, the desktop can also adjust the angle of the tilt, according to the relevant

Principle design, prevent myopia, hunchback, reduce the learning fatigue of children. In order to solve the children's learning, entertainment, rest and other life needs in a limited space, the general bed can be combined into a high-low bed, L-shaped bed, computer desk, wardrobe, desk, etc. can be skillfully assembled in one

Start. The space is fully utilized. If the author sees a certain combination: a raised bed, there is a small escalator next to the bed. The escalator steps are made up of several drawers, and the drawer can store clothes. Below the bed is a corner computer desk that can hold a computer and can be used as a desk.

There is also a small closet next to the computer table that can hold some common clothes. At the other corner there is a filing cabinet for learning materials and books. The computer desk is divided into two layers, and the bottom layer can also be used to place small objects, books, and the like. About two square meters of space is like this

Make full use of it.

Two: Children's furniture design: round and angular, stable center of gravity

The design of children's furniture is relatively simple in commercial furniture. But to adapt to the characteristics of children. Due to the child's active nature, the furniture is treated to be smoother in the corners of the design, to prevent sharp angles, the rivets for fixing furniture are not exposed, or the rubber strips are soft.

Things, in case the child hurts while running. There is a guardrail at the bedside, which is strong and has a certain height to prevent falling from the bed during sleep. The handle of the cabinet door is also designed to be convenient for children to grip. A stable center of gravity is also a feature of children's furniture. Because for one

For a mischievous elf, the low table and chair is a good jumping platform that jumps up and down. If the furniture is not stable enough, the child is easily injured by accident, and the elevated shelf is put on the shelf. Down, it will also reach young children.

Three: storage cabinet

In children's furniture, the most important thing for children's storage cabinets is convenience. The box and the inner cabinet must be low so that the child can get something and can easily put it back. The drawer should be equipped with a handle that is easy to grip, and it is easy to push and pull, so that it can be pulled or pushed up effortlessly.

Deep-bottomed baskets or grids are more suitable for storing large items of clothing than drawers, such as sweaters or crew-neck long-sleeved sweatshirts. Small pegs and coat clips that hang very low can encourage children to hang up the clothes they wear and develop a good habit. Don't put the baby in an old, fenced small

In the bed, the slats on the bed may be too large or loose, causing the baby's head to be pinched.

Lightweight multi-purpose storage furniture is a temporary furniture that can be used in a child's room. Choices include plastic boxes; stand-alone steel, wooden or laminate shelves; easy-to-open wire baskets; stackable plastic crates; large racks

Separate cabinets. Very practical, can put anything from toys to books, can also be arranged as needed, very suitable for moving. Custom-made storage cabinets can also be arranged flexibly during renovation. It includes a children's bookcase and a small bed with a drawer in the lower part.

Four: bed 

The cot includes: a awning cradle, a movable and non-movable fence cot. The main point of the purchase is to choose a small cot with a small door that is unscrewed or opened, so that the person taking care of the child does not have to bend down to hold the baby, so it will not cause back pain.

Children can use single beds, bunk beds, beds with storage cabinets, and covered beds. In addition, there is now a small bed on the market that sells a single bed with casters, which can be used for overnight stays or for families sharing a room.

In short, for the healthy growth of your baby, it is very important to buy a suitable children's furniture, because that is the cradle of baby growth, every adult should care about the problem.

Five: children's chair

There are three types of children's chairs: first, plastic children's chairs, and the most common styles, which are now used in kindergartens of all sizes. When choosing to buy, you need to look at the style of the chair and the color that can be chosen (because the baby likes the brighter colors, as many colors as possible), the other is the material, the plastic is divided into two types, one is PP plastic, one is ABS plastic, ABS plastic is tougher, stronger and more durable than PP plastic. It is not as brittle and easy to burst without PP plastic.

Second, a computerized child chair with a pneumatic lever type, which is generally suitable for children around 8-12 years old. It should be noted that the pressure bar is good or bad, and whether the five-star foot wheel has been tested and worn.