Why should I buy a gaming chair?

A: This is a common question that can be answered in several parts.

Comfort – They’re far more comfortable than sitting on the floor or in a desk chair. After a while, you feel sore as these types of chairs weren’t particularly designed with gaming in mind. Desk chairs were designed for people eating dinner or writing a letter back when they were designed, they didn’t know that in time, gaming would explode to the level it has.

Health – It’s highly important to support the health of your neck, spine and lower back when you game. Over time, you could actually feel the long term effects of poor back support if you don’t have a chair that allows you to sit comfortably. Gaming chairs do just that with lumbar support.

Unique Design – One of the great things about gaming chairs is the style they come out with. The DXRacer lineup for example has a fierce and ergonomic design while other gaming chairs have their own unique fierce designs based on your personal preference.