A New Definition Of A Stylish Office Chair

At present, the definition of furniture for the furniture is understood as the performance index of the furniture product, the safety index is in accordance with various standards, and at the same time, it also meets the technical requirements of the national environmental labeling products. I think this concept is unscientific. The above can only indicate the environmental protection of office furniture, and furniture products can only become part of the furniture industry chain. To ensure the environmental protection of the entire furniture industry chain, it can be called a real office chair.

 With consumers' understanding of office furniture and the pursuit of healthy living. This has caused more furniture companies to distort the true meaning of “environmental protection” for the benefit. It can be worthy of recognition. At present, the quality of furniture products on the market is basically qualified to meet the national environmental standards. But there are very few that can really be called a desk and chair, and the word "environmental protection" has been used by more furniture companies and marketing companies. Few companies have a sense of responsibility and conscience. Learn from the perspective of ethics to read and write the word "environmental protection". Chinese furniture companies really want to be bigger and stronger. To make a desk and chair, they must be far-sighted and consider the furniture industry chain. The source of the furniture is done, and the desk and chair are naturally pushed by the water.

 In the 21st century, under the concept of low-carbon economy development, “environmental protection” and “low-carbon life” have become popular keywords. Environmental protection means health and safety and means sustainable development. Furniture products that are closely related to everyone are under the banner of environmental protection. At present, the furniture industry chain can be divided into three stages: the first stage, which is the most important part. Purchase of furniture raw materials. The second stage, the production stage. The third phase of the terminal use phase. To produce a desk chair, it is necessary to start from the above three points. Must be valued, and lack of it can not be called environmentally friendly home.

 In the production of furniture can only be a physical process, whether the purchase of furniture materials is environmentally friendly has played a decisive role in the environmental protection of furniture products. Two of the most prone to pollution in furniture raw materials. First, it is the use of adhesives, hardeners and waterproofing agents in the processing of plates and various artificial boards. Wait for a lot of chemical raw materials. These chemical materials release harmful substances such as free formaldehyde in the air. Pollute your health. Second, the paint. Coatings also contain a large amount of chemical raw materials. Coatings used in unqualified furniture are low-cost paints that tend to fade and fade. Among them, a large amount of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene are contained. In terms of coatings, the current use of furniture companies in the production and use of high-toxic furniture coating products containing diisocyanate, whether it is for the consumer and furniture factory paint workers are very harmful.

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